Full Car Check & Pre Purchase inspection

Do you know that you can save a lot of money and secure your safety if you get a pre-owned car inspected before purchasing it? Before you buy a pre-owned car, it is always advisable to get it pre-inspected to prevent any future issues. There have been many circumstances where owners buy a pre-owned car and later repent their decision. Car Fare Auto workshop’s team of expert technicians stresses a closer look at a pre-owned car and can tell about its internal and external conditions and helps their clients to judge whether it is a good decision for them to buy it or not. Therefore get the pre-owned car inspected at Car Fare Auto Workshop before making any decision.

Our Full Car checkup can keep your car in tip-top condition, safer on the road and can save heaps of money in the long-term. When it comes to your vehicle, prevention is 1000 times better than cure. Basic upkeep is cheaper than major repairs caused by neglect.

    • 360 degree health check including computer diagnosis

    • Tyre Check & Air Pressure

    • Battery Health check

    • All Fluids & Levels Check /Top Up

    • A/C performance check

    • Electrical & Electronic checks

    • Brakes Condition Check

    • Suspension condition check

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